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One of the businesses that can benefit greatly from direct mail marketing are dentist offices.
Utilizing a direct mail firm like My Postcard Express can allow you to send out postcards to remind patients when it’s time for another checkup; brochures including your prices, dentists, details about your office, and the insurances you accept; birthday mailers to show your patients you care about
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Dry Cleaners

Dry cleaning businesses can benefit greatly from direct mail services. Your business depends on a continuous flow of new and repeat customers. Direct mail marketing could help you become a more prominent business in the community, improve your brand recognition, skyrocket your ROI, and really drum up new business. It could also help your current customers feel
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Many industries can benefit from direct mail marketing, even contractors and construction companies.
Construction companies need to keep a significant queue of work lined up to prevent from eating into their profitability. Each job can occupy their company for months to years, but once it’s completed, they have to be ready to jump into the next job.
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Food Restaurants

Restaurants, especially pizza. sushi, and other take outs can benefit with direct mail marketing.Believe it or not, there’s never been a better time to utilize direct mail marketing. People still check their mail daily while most email services, like Gmail, weed out promotional content so customers never see it.
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Retail Stores

In this day and age with the popularity of the internet, online shopping, and mobile shopping, retail stores everywhere are struggling for consumer dollars. Direct mail might have been a marketing tactic you threw to the wayside years ago, thinking that the internet and email would render it obsolete, but it’s definitely making a comeback.
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