Retail Stores

In this day and age with the popularity of the internet, online shopping, and mobile shopping, retail stores everywhere are struggling for consumer dollars.

Direct mail might have been a marketing tactic you threw to the wayside years ago, thinking that the internet and email would render it obsolete, but it’s definitely making a comeback and could be the missing link to getting your business more customers.

My Postcard Express offers a variety of direct mailing packages to help you get all your marketing materials sent to your target area easily and conveniently. You can rest easy that your promotional materials are getting delivered consistently, on time, and have a better chance at having them follow through.

Our prices are extremely reasonable. With 20 years of experience under our belts, we can provide you with the best, top-notch promotional postcards and brochures and deliver them to those in your target area that are most likely to frequent your retail store. With our direct mail services, you can improve brand recognition, broaden your customer base, and draw in new business effectively.

With direct mail marketing, you can give more details about your store and promotions, let a wider audience know about your retail store, and draw in more customers. Direct mail marketing has been proven to more effectively generate leads that will actually follow through. If you haven’t been utilizing this amazing marketing opportunity, you’ve been throwing away tons of potential customers and profits.